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About Jono


As a content creator, especially a beginner creator, the information online can be overwhelming. The tools of the trade, the courses, the apps, the platforms, everything can feel like it's a bit too much.

I spent what felt like a lifetime looking for the right software, the best apps, the tools I needed to give me the edge. I've bought courses; some were great, some were awful. I signed up for resources that sped up my content creation too, it's all about finding the RIGHT tool for the RIGHT job.

I've paid for each and every step of my journey, and I wanted to start sharing that with you. Sure, at some point I may add affiliate links to generate income, but only if I use the product or services I review. came into being as I still want to find the best tools for my job, and every time I learn something new, I'll be sharing it with you. Feel free to email me with any queries about my reviews or recommendations, and I'll ALWAYS get back to you.

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